You Have to Try Boho Beautiful’s 10 Day Plank Challenge

Planks are one of those exercises that people either love or hate, but doing them for five minutes a day is a realistic goal, no matter which group you belong to. That’s exactly the idea behind Boho Beautiful’s new plank challenge.

Juliana Spicoluk of Boho Beautiful recently shared a brief, but powerful plank workout with her YouTube subscribers that only takes five minutes to complete. She recommends doing it every day and following it up with 10-minute core/ab workouts that she listed in the description of her plank video.

It only takes 15 minutes to complete both workouts, and you’ll get so used to them that you’ll keep doing them after the 10-day period is over. Spicoluk promises “an incredibly effective” home workout that will lead to great results.

“At home fitness has never been easier and taken less time. This class will focus on your core, abs, and obliques and leave you feeling charged and great. A great class for when you are short on time or as part of the ten days plank challenge!” explained Spicoluk.