You Have to Try Heather Robertson’s Standing Abs Workouts

Image via heatherrobertsoncom/Instagram

Most popular abs exercises are done on the floor, but they’re not a perfect fit for people who struggle with back and neck pain. Standing abs workouts are a great alternative for fitness enthusiasts dealing with this issue, and Heather Robertson is a true master when it comes to this training category.

Robertson is one of YouTube’s leading fitness gurus, with over 1.5 million followers under her belt. Her latest standing abs workout will help you get an amazing six-pack without using any equipment, and it includes many exercises that you can perform standing up.

“This standing-only workout targets the core with a series of standing ab exercises using just your body weight. Get ready to feel the burn in those abs, the hip flexors and improve that balance with this quick workout,” explains Robertson.

High knee crunches, twist kicks, knee drives, and side bends are some of the exercises included in this routine, and Robertson’s subscribers are already familiar with some of them. She shared several standing abs workouts in the past for people of different fitness levels, which you can perform with or without weights.