You Should Meditate Before Working Out

Photo by madison lavern on Unsplash

As we embark on our goals to achieve fitness success, there are countless ways to go about doing it. As many people have come to learn, it can be very easy to fall off track and even harder to get back on once we’ve stopped. But what’s the reason that so many people have trouble staying consistent? We’ll get into that in a moment… In the meantime, here’s one solution that helps so many people out with their exercises: meditating beforehand.

Enjoying the Process

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons people have a hard time sticking to their workout plans is that they simply don’t enjoy it. They don’t like how it makes them feel, they don’t have the right mindset, and it’s just not a good situation. Doing a quick meditation before working out—even as short as 10 minutes—can reframe your mind and make you look forward to it.

Feeling Good Everywhere

Working out is a great way to feel good in your body, and meditation is a way to feel better in your mind. There’s a lot of overlap between the two, but in any case, the two acts—working out and meditation—can team up in wonderful cohesion to make you feel better as a whole.