4 Reasons to Include the Rowing Machine in Your Workout

Photo by Bastien Plu on Unsplash

The rowing machine is sometimes overlooked at the gym as it can be slightly repetitive and boring, but in actuality, it is one of the best full-body cardio workouts you can do. It can improve posture and tone the lower body, and the major muscles in your legs, arms, back and core must all be activated when using the machine.

Here are four reasons you should include the rowing machine in your workout.

High Intensity, Low Impact

Unlike the treadmill, you’re able to get your sweat on without injuring your knees or ankles. It can increase your cardio fitness without putting stress on your bones and joints.

Strengthen Your Core and Glutes

When you row, your core crunches and relaxes as you glide along the machine, meaning you’re doing a mini sit-up every time you row back and forth. Not to mention, pushing with your legs works on your glutes.

Track Your Improvements

If you want to get faster or build your endurance on the machine, you can start to track your improvements with the help of the information you will see on the screen. You can track your speed, Kcals, and time, and start to increase every workout.

Compliments Your Strength Workout

It can be a great ending for your strenth workout, instead of spending 30 minutes on the cross trainer, all your need is 10 minutes of intense rowing and your heart rate will increase and your arms and legs will be burning.