Are You Doing These 3 Common Exercises Right?

Woman doing squats
Photo by Li Sun from Pexels

Getting to the gym is the easy part, but executing the exercises correctly is hard. When it comes to exercises there are some common exercises that are in almost every workout routine: squats, lunges, and planks. Even though you may be doing these exercises, chances are like many people, you’re not doing them correctly. So what are the common mistakes associated with them and how can you fix them?


A common mistake people make when doing squats is keeping the back too straight and they try to maintain an upright posture throughout the entire exercise. This causes your butt to lift too far up and out, and it can lead to lower back pain. The fix is to contract your abs and think about sitting back in a chair. Keep your head and chest up and shift your weight slightly back into your heels.


When doing lunges, many people keep their toes behind their knees, but this actually reduces the range of motion. For lunges, you want to be controlled and balanced, allowing your knee to move as far forward as possible.


While it’s important for your body to be aligned during a plank, it’s not always going to look like a straight line. The shoulder blades, glutes, and trunk should be actively engaged, not slumped during the exercise.