Best Full-Body Pilates Workouts on YouTube

Julianne Hough in 2019
Julianne Hough in 2019. Photo by Erik Pendzich/Shutterstock (10236000bo)

Pilates is designed to increase strength and posture with low-impact exercises that can be performed with minimal equipment. As more fitness instructors take to social media to share their classes, YouTube has become a great source for a wide variety of workout routines that you can partake in anytime, any place. Here we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite routines from some top instructors:

30 Minute Full Body Workout by Move with Nicole

Nicole is an Australian fitness instructor whose Youtube channel is full of classes that are low-impact yet effective. One of our favorites is her 30-minute full-body workout class to leave you energized while toning your whole body.

Dancer’s Body Pilates Workout with Julianne Hough

If you’ve ever watched Dancing with the Stars, you’ve most likely heard of Julianne Hough, one of the show’s dance instructors who has since branched out and starred in productions like Footloose and Grease Live! Here she joins Cassey, a pilates instructor with over five million Youtube subscribers for a fun and challenging dance-inspired workout!

30 Minute Strenghten and Toning Full Body Challenge

Sanne Vloet is a Dutch model who has also found great success teaching fitness through her Youtube Channel. Her take on a full-body workout focuses on toning small muscles to help you develop strength from head to toe.