Can Drinking Coffee Benefit Your Workout?

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Coffee is one of the most commonly consumed drink worldwide, but it’s a mind-altering substance. Millions worldwide use it daily, and it helps kick-start brains in the morning. More and more studies argue that consuming coffee an hour before you hit the gym can help boost your performance. Here are the three reasons why we consume caffeine before our workouts. 

Coffee Increases Your Metabolism 

Recent studies in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition argue that ingesting caffeine an hour before aerobic exercise can help boost fat burning. Caffeine can help you burn up to double what you usually would burn. 

Increases Alertness 

Since caffeine is a natural simulation, various studies have shown time and time again how coffee can help enhance mental focus, alertness, and general cognitive function. Therefore, by drinking caffeine before your workout, you can be assured that your brain is awake and sharp for your workout.

Reduce Muscle Pain 

Studies have shown that caffeine reduces inflammation, enhances recovery, and reduces delayed onset muscle soreness. More and more studies prove that coffee helps reduce exercise-induced pain and muscle tension. These studies also show that caffeine helps increase carbohydrate metabolism after exercise, which means that your muscles replenish their energy better and more effectively.