Check Out Alexis Ren’s Favorite Workouts

Many supermodels and Instagram models constantly share their diets and workout routines. One of our favorite Instagram models is Alexis Ren, because she puts an emphasis on health and wellness rather than dieting and restrictions. Here are some of Alexis Ren’s favorite workouts.

Ballet and Dance

Fun fact Alexis was a ballet dancer for 11 years! Despite not being a ballerina anymore, she still loves to move her body to some awesome music. Dancing is a great way to increase your heart rate and work up a sweat. Even better, studies show that dancing is one of the best ways to release endorphins naturally. 

Bodyweight Exercises 

Alexis doesn’t spend much time working out—she focuses on intense, shorter workouts. These workouts often include bodyweight and resistance with crunches, knee touches, obliques, and bicycle crunches. Each workout lasts no longer than 30 seconds—trust us, you will still feel the burn!


Yoga is a great workout to incorporate for stretching and sculpting the muscles. Alexis often does yoga in the morning, as it is an excellent way for her to ground herself for the rest of the day. Additionally, she makes sure to practice yoga on those days she doesn’t feel like working out.