Gabrielle Union’s Home Workouts Are Incredibly Intense

Gabrielle Union. Photo by A Perez Meca/Shutterstock (10299955g)

It’s no secret that Gabrielle Union is fully committed to her fitness routine, but her workouts are even more intense than we thought. The Bring It On star shared a series of short training clips on Instagram, and they’ll inspire you to take your home workouts to the next level.

Judging by Union’s Instagram stories, she has one of the most impressive home gyms we’ve ever seen. In addition to having her own treadmill, stationary bike, and rowing machine, she owns a pretty impressive dumbbell set, and they’re obviously her personal favorite.

According to her most recent stories, Union mostly does strength exercises using dumbbells, but her routine also includes several equipment-free moves, such as planks and mountain climbers. She performs many of these moves on a gym bench or a yoga mat and uses several affordable pieces of equipment, including resistance bands and jump rope.

Union has shared her workout videos for several days in a row, so make sure to check out her Instagram stories if you’re looking for some motivation. Chances are your home gym isn’t as well-equipped as hers, but you can still copy some of her favorite moves.