Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Watch TV While Working Out

Image via ikostudio/Depositphotos

Working out at home can seem daunting and many people find it more enjoyable if they do it in front of the TV. While combining your stationary bike time with Netflix may sound like a genius idea that will help you be more active, some workouts don’t match well with TV. Here’s why.

Lack of Focus

If your workout requires you to count the sets and seconds spent in positions, watching TV can be a big distraction. Multitasking is a great quality but not all people are good at it and you can get much better results from simply focusing on one activity at a time. If you pay attention to your workout instead of the show on your TV, you’ll be able to progress faster and get better results sooner.

Bad Posture

As the show occupies your mind, it’s easy to relax and ruin your posture. Worst case scenario, it can lead to injuries. When you’re working out, paying attention to form and breathing is one of the most important things and it’s difficult to do while TV occupies your mind.

Still, if your options are to work out while watching TV or not work out at all, the choice is clear. TV can help you get into a habit of working out, but try to ditch it as soon as possible and focus on the workout more.