It Only Takes Three Minute to Complete This Epic Plank Workout

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Image via undrey/depositphotos

Do you want to develop amazing abs, but hate doing crunches and only have a couple of minutes a day at your disposal? If the answer is “yes”, we’ve got an amazing plank workout you can use to strengthen your core and build muscle.

Hit fitness channel Bowflex shared this workout video, which attracted almost 14 million views over time. It takes around three minutes to complete, and the entire workout consists entirely of planks.

If you have a yoga met and three minutes at your disposal, you can easily copy this routine at home. You’ll be asked to perform several different plank variations, and hold each one for 30 seconds, amounting to three minutes total.

Bowflex’s routine consists of two sets of regular planks, but also includes planks with leg raises, side planks on both arms, and Spiderman planks. Each move is demonstrated by Bowflex’s fitness pros, so you could learn how to properly perform each exercise.