John Cena and Pete Davidson Will Introduce You to New Workout Gadgets

John Cena in 2017
John Cena in 2017. Photo by Rob Latour/Variety/REX/Shutterstock (8559769ca)

John Cena and Pete Davidson are currently busy promoting their new movie The Suicide Squad, and they have a pretty unique way of going about it. One promo video they filmed together is going viral, and it shows the WWE star and the SNL comedian testing hottest workout gadgets.

Cena can be seen testing the latest in workout tech, while Davidson provides funny commentary and reads reviews of gadgets in question. The final result is both hilarious and informative at the same time, and you may discover some workout gadgets that you want to try (or avoid at all costs) along the way.

The duo kicked things off by testing a timeless classic—a jump rope that counts your jumps. As the video progressed, they moved on to more elaborate pieces of workout tech, including a handheld isometric strength training device Activbody Activ5, a reflex and reaction training pods called BlazePods, a handheld portable massager Theragun Mini, and a high intensity vibrating foam roller.

Even though Davidson and Cena weren’t especially impressed by any of the pieces of equipment, it was fun to watch them try them and introduce us to the innovations on the fitness tech scene. Their final verdict was that you don’t need any gadgets to work out, as long as you have the will to hit the gym.