Stretch and Strengthen with These Pilates Videos by Move With Nicole

We love practicing Pilates whenever we’re looking for a low-impact way to tone up and build muscle. Pilates has been shown to build core strength and increase flexibility throughout the whole body, and it’s great for learning how to breathe more mindfully as well. It can be really fun to take Pilates reformer classes in a gym with a professional instructor, but sometimes we just don’t have the time.

When we’re looking for a simple and effective Pilates mat workout, one of our favorite places to go is the YouTube channel Move with Nicole. She has tons of videos available for whatever workout we’re looking for and explains everything in an easy-to-understand way. Here are a few of our favorites.

25 Minute Full Body Workout for Beginners

This video is one of our go-to’s whenever we’re looking for a quick and effective workout that won’t pose too much of a challenge. It requires no equipment and will leave you feeling relaxed and comfortable.

20 Minute Abs & Booty Workout

Get your muscles fired up in all the right places with this short-yet-challenging video designed to tone and strengthen your abdominal and glute muscles. It also requires no equipment but will definitely leave you feeling the burn.

30 Minute Pilates Yoga

Get fit and flexible with this yoga-Pilates hybrid workout where Nicole incorporates lots of stretching.