These Simple Pilates Exercises Will Help You Achieve a Flat Stomach

Summer is almost officially behind us and it’s time to start working off all the delicious gelatos and cocktails that made it awesome. If you’re among the people who get a belly just from thinking about treats, we have exercises that are perfect for making it flat again.

Below is the 30-minute video that shows you exactly how to do a pilates session that will help you get a flat stomach. Created by Heather Dorak, it’s a training that doesn’t seem too intensive when you watch the video, but it’s definitely effective enough if you do it regularly.

Though it may seem that we’re constantly doing something over summer, most of us are not very active, or at least not as much as we should be. It’s alright to take a few months off and give yourself a break, and the beginning of the fall is the perfect time to get back on track before the holidays come and you spiral out of control. Click play below and follow the instructions – it couldn’t be any simpler!