Tired of Running? Here are 4 Viable Cardio Alternatives

Photo by Kay Liedl on Unsplash

Cardio is the foundation of a healthy body and high athletic performance. It’s the form of exercise that gets your blood pumping, greases the joints and tendons, primes the muscles, and sparks metabolism. But while running is the most common form of cardio, it does have its setbacks and can become boring at times.

If this has happened to you, don’t give up on your important cardio workouts! You just need to find effective alternatives. Here are four other options you can try out.


Definitely one of the best forms of exercise out there, swimming is a wonderfully effective form of cardio. It strengthens your whole body and improves fitness without exerting pressure or impact on the joints.


Rowing is great for strengthening the cardiovascular system and training the breath, while also strengthening the arm and core muscles.



Not only does skipping get you really fit and give you strong core muscles, but it’ll make you feel like a kid again!


Cycling is a great alternative to running as well. It’s a wonderful way to get out of the house, explore new territories, and go on a bit of an adventure while you pedal your way to your fitness goals.