Welcome Summer with Heather Robertson’s Glow Up Challenge

People are constantly trying to look their best once summer arrives, and no one knows this better than YouTube’s leading fitness influencers. Workout challenges that will encourage you to get active this summer are popping up everywhere, and Heather Robertson’s “Glow Up” challenge is one of the latest examples.

With 1.5 million subscribers under her belt, Robertson is one of the leading fitness gurus on this video-sharing platform. Her workout challenges are always worth checking out, and she definitely didn’t disappoint with her latest.

As Robertson explains on her official website, “Glow Up” challenge is “a transformation for the better” that can be physical, mental or emotional, and “it’s all about moving your body, eating nutritious foods and taking daily action to look and feel your very best.”

It takes only seven days to go through this challenge, but it should be just a stepping stone for the rest of your fitness journey. Some of Robertson’s workouts from this series target abs, glutes, legs, and upper body, but she also shared full-body and Tabata workout videos that you can use to take your fitness routine to the next level just in time for summer.